7 Easy Ways to Up Your Instagram Game and Get More Devoted Fans & Clients

Feel like you’re posting into the grand abyss without seeing any results? Just changing 7 things can make a difference you’ll be able to see. Gaining devoted fans and clients who are actually interested in what you’re posting is more important than your number of followers.


Up Your Instagram Game

1. BRAND YOUR FEED. A feed that looks consistent is more appealing that one that looks random. You want to be intentional with what you’re posting. Check out this beautiful feed from Ella Inspires Magazine.


These posts all reflect their brand. From their colors to their fonts to the feminine vibe, these posts all represent Ella Inspires. The feed is well balanced with alternating images of a woman, flatlays, and promotional posts.

2. USE CAROUSEL POSTING. When you post more than one picture at a time by using the carousel option, you’re increasing your chances of being seen in your followers news feed. Your post will continue to cycle in their feed until they’ve seen all the pictures in your carousel. If you post 5 pictures, you’ve now increased your visibility five times! Find the carousel option when you click to add a photo.

Instagram Carousel

3. CALL TO ACTION. You need to be using these on virtually every post! If you want your audience to do something, you have to ask them to. Use phrases like “click the link in my bio”, “tag a friend you want to see this post”, “double tap if you agree”, or “head over to the blog now to get the deets”.

4. USE RELEVANT HASHTAGS. Avoid using spammy tags such as #likeforlike. Use tags that are part of your niche. I recommend using tags that have less than 250K uses. If you use a tag like #mompreneur it has over 6 million users and your post will be pushed to the bottom. Instead use one like #mompreneurlife which has only been used 230,000 times. I offer a hashtag guide categorized by niche in the Membership Academy.

5. ENGAGE WITH THOSE TAGS. Follow the tags that fit your niche and engage with the other people who use those tags. If you like and comment on their posts, you can start to build relationships with them. They might even like and comment back on your post. Always post genuine comments. Instead of saying, “nice pic” say something like, “I really love the (blank) that you have”. Building genuine relationships will increase your audience. This doesn’t have to be time consuming. You could set aside just 30 minutes per day to do this (even breaking up into two 15 minute sessions).

6. USE INSTAGRAM STORIES. The idea is to share little snippets of your day, behind the scenes looks, as well as promotional spots. You can ask questions or post a poll in your stories to get your audience involved. You can tag and share other accounts and use hashtags in stories to reach people who don’t follow you. The stories are posted at the top of the news feed and every time you post a new story, you get bumped back up to the front of the line! The more stories you post, the more people you’re getting in front of!

Stories only last 24 hours. Save your most important stories to your highlights and people can continue to view them anytime. For example, let’s say you did a makeup tutorial in your stories. You can make a post to your news feed after it’s over to let those who missed it know they can still view it in your highlight reel.


7. GEOTAG YOUR PHOTOS. Whenever you can, tag the location of your photo. If you recently went to an awesome restaurant or concert, tag the location! Other people who use that same geotag will be able to find you and potentially follow you because you have something on common or you’re near them (Where are my Nashville people? Holla!) And, of course, tag your own business location if you have one. ;)

There are over 1 billion Instagram users in the world. That’s a popular app! Make sure you’re using it to your advantage to increase your sales, grow your blog, and create a community of adoring and devoted fans. Implementing these 7 steps is easy peasy! And, hey, if you have trouble, that’s what we’re here for. Make sure you become part of our Boss Girl Membership Community. We’ve got your back!


Anna Kat

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