How You Can Make Passive Income Selling Other People's Products as an Affiliate


*this post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission of you purchase products using these links. This helps me keep this site running and is no additional cost to you.

Having passive income would be a dream, wouldn’t it? If you want to monetize your website but don’t have a product to offer, no problem! You can sell someone else’s.

Affiliate marketing makes it possible to earn money while you sleep.

No cold calling.

No sales calls.

Just straight commission from the purchases made through the affiliate links on your website.

How You Can Make Passive Income Selling Other People's Products as an Affiliate

The first thing you need to do is find an affiliate program that works for you. There are multiple ways to go about this. For example, there may be a specific company you want to work with. If they have an affiliate program, you can apply right on their website (usually through a link near their footer).

If you look at the sidebar on my blog, you’ll see Haute Stock, Font Bundles, and Erin Condren ads listed there. Those are the companies I’m an affiliate for. Anytime I share an ad or a link to one of those companies, I’m using my affiliate link. If someone purchases something from that company after they clicked my link, I make a small commission.

This can happen 24/7/365. I just post the links and they will work anytime someone wants to click on them.

Even when I’m asleep.

I don’t have to ship anything or do anything once they click. And I still earn money.


In addition to working with companies on an individual basis, you can work with marketing companies who have relationships with hundreds of vendors.

So how do you find these companies?

Here’s a list of my favorites:

  • ShareASale You can find thousands of merchants to work with. Click <<HERE>> to become an affiliate.

  • Skimlinks You’re automatically an affiliate for all the merchants who partner with Skimlinks. Click <<HERE>> to join the affiliate program.

I have accounts with both of these companies and use dozens of merchant links on my interior design blog. I work with companies like Target, Wayfair, Sephora, WalMart, and Anthropologie.

Check out my training on HOW TO START A BLOG if you don’t have a blog yet. It’s included in my Membership Academy!

You can also apply to become an affiliate for Amazon. It’s a little easier to get approved and they give you six months to make just three sales. They will remove you from the program if you don’t make three sales but they allow you to reapply anytime.


Ultimate Bundles is a fantastic company to work with! They provide extensive training videos and pay 40% commission to their affiliates. They offer things like The Ultimate Productivity Bundle (available now!) and the super popular Genius Blogger’s Toolkit which will be available in October. Click <<HERE>> to get on the waiting list!

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2019


Sometimes the requirements to join a particular program can be tough for a new business/blog to meet. Some merchants want certain pageviews or a higher following. Use these tips when applying to become an affiliate.

  • Your own website. Have a professional website with your own domain. You’ll be asked for your URL when you apply.

  • Brand your site. Customize your blog and website with beautiful branded photos. Use stock photos if you don’t have good quality photos of your own. Click <<HERE>> to try Haute Stock!

  • Blog posts. Have several blog posts already up on your site. Merchants will want to view your blog and check out your style, voice, and make sure your content is related to their brand.

  • Promote. In your application, write a few sentences discussing how you plan to promote your affiliate links. Let them know if you plan to promote affiliate links in your blog, social media posts, to your email list, etc.


Did you know we have an affiliate program? You can earn 10% commission anytime your affiliate link sells one of our courses, coaching packages, or memberships. Apply <<HERE>> to join our program! We’d love to have you!

That’s it! Now all you have to do is apply and get ready to start making passive income!

Post consistently without being spammy. Your readers will appreciate your honesty and transparency. To learn more about affiliate programs, join my Membership Academy to gain access to the affiliate training plus over 25 additional training modules designed to help you grow your business!


I’d love to know how it’s going for you! Leave me a comment below to let me know how you’re rocking it with affiliate marketing!


Anna Kat

P.S. - make sure you always put a disclaimer on any post you make that includes an affiliate link. See mine at the top of the page.